Tanning Diet

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Foods rich in beta-carotene activate the production of melanin, aiding tan and
maintaining color. So, in the summer, choose foods like: carrot, beet, tomato,
pumpkin, papaya, papaya, melon, mango, watermelon, star fruit, nectarine,
acerola and peach. The vegetables spinach, broccoli, cabbage, chicory and
watercress also help. It is also worth highlighting the use of self-
tanner. Applying twice a week is enough to keep the bronze active for a long
time. In the previous post , I made a selection of the best self-tanners on the
market. It is no longer necessary to expose yourself to the risks of solar
radiation to show golden skin. With technological advances, the cosmetic
industry has developed self-tanners, which react with skin proteins leaving
it with a tanned and healthy appearance.
Although simple, the use of these products can be optimized and offer better
results. Expert in the subject, the pharmaceutical and biochemist Katiana
Trichês Bunn, from Omnes Cosméticos, teaches the tricks to achieve a
beautiful color without mishap: It is essential to make a good exfoliation
before applying the self-tanner.
– Thus, the dead cells are removed, the skin is smoother and the tan is
uniform, free from undesirable spots – says Katiana.
2) The application must be done on clean and completely dry skin. To avoid
hyperpigmentation of the hands, which will remain in contact with the
product throughout the application, surgical gloves can be used. This also
prevents stains on the enamel or nails. If you prefer not to use this accessory,
just wash your hands well after application.