High Yield Special Motors

Usually in the studies of the energy spent in a factory, with respect to the financial costs it is common the replacement of conventional electric motors that operate continuously, by motors of high yield. Special, high-performance electric motors operate at lower temperatures than conventional motors, allowing greater overload capacity and lower power consumption.

In recent times, electric motor manufacturers have been trying to increase the efficiency of these machines. These engines end up becoming special because they need to use tools better quality materials, but instead they consume less energy during the same duty cycle for the same shaft power.

Some specific characteristics make the electric motors transform into high-performance motors, such as the use of magnetic plates of superior silicon steel, which decreases the magnetizing current and increases engine efficiency. The use of a greater amount of copper in the windings, which considerably reduces the Joule losses, as well as the special heat treatment of the rotor which reduces the additional losses and the high filling factor of the grooves, which provides better utilization of the heat generated by internal losses.