Construction Parameters – DC Motors

Coreless and slotless DC motors group a cylindrical winding that is physically external in the permanent magnet assembly. Due to the fact that the winding is laminated and there is no iron cage, DC motors without a core have a much lower inertia. They have great acceleration, efficiency and excellent speed control with little or no vibration L0847-060 ROCK DRILL OIL. They are commonly used as a servomotor for process control applications.

The suitability for an application of a DC motor during the selection process will also depend on its construction. We have three other types:

Permanent magnet direct current motors have a magnet permanently embedded in their on the stator. They feature constant speed with variable load and zero slip and excellent starting torque. Compared to other types, permanent magnet construction provides greater efficiency and lower speed adjustments.

DC motors with disk-shaped armor, also called “pancakes” or “printed disks”, use flat rotors driven by an axially aligned magnetic field. Its fine construction admits low inertia, which results in high acceleration. These motors are good for applications that require rapid startup and shutdown when coupled to a constant load.