Australian Gold Suntan is ideal for those with fair skin

Best self tanner for pale skin BestBronze
The Australian Gold bronzer has excellent quality and texture. The product is
not gooey and brings results with a week of use. In addition, it is a tanner and
accelerator that provides a natural and intense tan.This suntan has a
technology that intensifies the pigmentation process during exposure to the sun
and, therefore, avoids discomfort such as redness, peeling and irritation. For
this reason it is very suitable for people with lighter skin. Rayito De Sol Tanning
Cream is a well-known product on the market. With a captivating fragrance, it
promises to leave your body tanned in up to a day – depending on the number
of hours that the person is exposed to the sun.In its formula there is a
combination of nuts with tyrosine, which makes the tanning process faster. This
product can be used on any type of skin, but you need to be aware of sun
exposure. It is not recommended to take more than three hours of sunshine in a
row. The Bronze Carrot Tanning Lotion promises to leave the skin with an
illuminated tone since the first application. The product has an innovative
technology that preserves collagen and minimizes skin damage caused by
infrared rays.