Tips for proper maintenance of its electric motor

It is always good to follow tips on how to do the cleaning and maintenance of your electric motor, see the tips below:

  • Always check that water is returning right by the discharge of the motor
  • Consider whether the water coming out is very black or with this oil, and if it is black can be a serious problem, then the most important thing is that the water should come out clean, and has no more than a light coal deposit
  • Check engine tank is under pressure check our prodcuts 7850
  • Note that after a few minutes of use if the water starts to come out on other outputs, these outputs connected to the thermostat, then this means attention as it is a sign that the thermostats are opening.
  • Run the engine for at least 15 minutes, and do not ever forget to check the water pressure and the temperature of the electric motor, watching the water leaving the discharge if it is boiling, it means that the pressure is little, if skirt hot water only, but this is normal.